English Conversation on the First Date!

We live in an era where apps like Tinder and TrulyMadly have made dating a quotidian exercise. With merely a swipe of the phone, you can hook up with a person in a matter of a few minutes. However, meeting a person in flesh and blood is vastly different from connecting with someone online.

With a slew of filters and photo editing apps available, one can easily come across as a glamorous celebrity on the internet, while reality could be quite disappointing. Another aspect where there can be a stark disparity between your online persona and real-life personality is communication skills. You might come across as suave, sleek and humorous onscreen, while in real life, you could be a meek and shy person, detached from the social niceties and etiquette.

To make your life easier, here is a lowdown of how you should behave on your first date. Remember, don’t be clingy or creepy!

Siddharth: Hello there! You are Tanvi, right?

Tanvi: Hey Siddharth! So cool to meet you finally.

Siddharth: So what’s up!

Tanvi: I am good. Everything is great. How about you?

Siddharth: I am awesome as usual.

Tanvi: I am really glad I finally got to meet someone on Tinder who is a fan of Game of Thrones.

Siddharth: Me too! Otherwise, most girls were into Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey only.

Tanvi: So who is your favorite character? Mine is Jon Snow!

Siddharth: Jon Snow is cool. However, I like Tyrion Lannister the most. His quotes are to die for. And Peter Dinklage is a fantastic actor.

Tanvi: I agree. The entire cast has done a wonderful job, in fact.
What other TV shows do you watch?

Siddharth: There are many that I watch. Friends, Suits, The Big Bang Theory, Stranger Things, Breaking Bad and so on.

Tanvi: Yeah, same here. Most of my free time goes into Netflix.

Siddharth: Hah! Netflix. These streaming services result in a lot of time being wasted, but I don’t mind that at all.

Tanvi: Absolutely. There is nothing better than spending your Sunday watching a Netflix show or curling up in your bed with a nice cup of coffee and a book.

Siddharth: I also love to read. I am a huge fan of fantasy fiction and classic literature. Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are my favorites. Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, George Orwell, Somerset Maugham, Jules Verne, and HG Wells are among the best authors I have read.

Tanvi: Fantastic! We have a lot to discuss then.
What are your other hobbies?

Siddharth: I love watching movies. I like to paint, travel and am somewhat of an amateur photographer as well.

Tanvi: Wow! I also love to travel. Apart from that, I like writing and dancing. I am a trained Bharatnatyam dancer.

Siddharth: That is wonderful! Have you performed any live shows?

Tanvi: Several, in fact. I will inform you when the date of the next show is out.

Siddharth: You are really talented. I firmly believe a person is so much more than his or her online persona so that’s why I love meeting people!

Tanvi: I fully agree. People waste their time chatting online or pinging random profiles. It’s like they have become slaves to the machine.

Siddharth: Indeed. We spend our time more online than in the real world!

Tanvi: If I may dare ask, how many siblings do you have?

Siddharth: An elder brother and a younger sister. Brother is a medic with the U.N. Peacekeeping forces and sis is pursuing her engineering.

Tanvi: Wow! That is really amazing. I have just a younger brother. He is pursuing his graduation in commerce, but also wants to be a singer!

Siddharth: Superb! Nowadays, kids are going beyond the conventional domains of medicine, engineering and law to pursue alternate careers. Welcome change from the mindset of the yesteryear.

Tanvi: I agree. So do you want to go to a nice café or something?

Siddharth: Sure! Let’s go. We will have a nice cup of coffee and then talk.

Vocabulary Note

Quotidian = Of or occurring everyday
In flesh and blood =
An actual, living person
Social niceties =
Good manners, being polite, and doing what is socially acceptable in society.

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