English Conversation: Phrasal verbs for Relationships

Two Friends talking about relationships


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Meghna: Hi there! So what’s up?

Kajal: O hi Meghna! You know, it’s Friday night, I just came here to meet someone.

Meghna: That’s interesting. Is he the same guy from work who asked you out? It seemed like you guys just hit it off.

Kajal: Yeah, few weeks back we were having a conversation and we exchanged phone numbers. One thing lead to another and he eventually asked me out. We are getting to know each other. He seems like a decent guy with goofy sense of humour. Let’s see how it goes.

Meghna: Nice. I know it’s too early to say but I bet there was a spark between you guys.

Kajal: I am not sure about it. We have good chemistry but I don’t want to lead him on.

Meghna: Exactly same thing happened with me. My last relationship didn’t have good start. I started to fall for him after we went out few times. We were together for 2 years.

Kajal: So, what happened? I mean if you don’t mind me asking why you guys split up?

Meghna: That’s absolutely fine. After more than a year, we started to drift apart. Mainly because little common was there, we had different interests, different career plans etc. it didn’t really work out well. Eventually we had a falling out and I broke up with him few months back.

Kajal: I am sorry to hear that.

Meghna: Please don’t be. I am over him now. I can’t be in a toxic relationship for that long.

Kajal: Yeah, you’re right. My last relationship was crappy one too. I hooked up with a guy at Sandeep’s birthday party and it lingered on for like six months before I eventually dumped him. We were constantly fighting over trivial issues and making up.

Meghna: How did it end?

Kajal: He was cheating on me. He tried to convince me that nothing was going on but I somehow knew he was lying through his teeth.

Meghna: Right decision. Good for you.

Kajal: Well, thanks. Nothing puts me off more than unfaithfulness in a relationship.

Meghna: Yeah. It bums me out too.

Kajal: Yeah. I am actually thinking of settling down. I want stability and security in life.

Meghna: That’s wonderful. But are you sure about it?

Kajal: Yeah, I am seriously considering it.

Meghna: Well, you will soon find someone.

Kajal: I am backing myself up on that.

Meghna: It’s getting late. I will talk to you more about it sometime. I gotta leave now.

Kajal: That’s fine. See you around.

Meghna: Take care!



Ask someone out – invite someone for a date

Hit it off – have a great connection from the start (have a spark)

Fall for somebody – fall in love with somebody

Lead him on – give someone false hope about the relationship

Go out with somebody – go on a date

Over somebody – emotionally detach from someone

Split up / break up – separate, end the relationship

Dump somebody – end the relationship

Drift apart – gradually go in different directions

Hook up with – start a relationship

Make up – reconcile

Settle down – be in a long-term relationship       

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