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Ria: Hey, what’s going on?

Kiran: Not much. Right now I’m really pissed off.

Ria: Why are you freaking out?

Kiran: In the morning, I had an argument with my parents.

Ria: Oh.. that’s bad. What’s the issue?

Kiran: Same old crap. They are typical Indian parents who keep ticking me off. They want me to quit my job and get married.

Ria: Oh I see. They actually know how to work you up.

Kiran: Yeah. I lashed out at my father and left home such in a rage that I forgot my phone there.

Ria: Then what happened.

Kiran: I went back to get my phone but reached office late. My boss yelled at me for not submitting the report on time.

Ria: I guess you are really having a bad day.

Kiran: It got even worse. Right after the morning meeting, I blew up at one of my colleague and now I am feeling extremely bad about it.

Ria: That’s understandable given the kind of situation you are facing at home and work. You should go and apologize to him for your violent behavior.

Kiran: That’s not all. On my way to work I took a cab. And I took it out on that poor cab driver for being slightly late.

Ria: Seriously!

Kiran: As it turned out, he was also in a foul mood because of some reason and snapped back angrily at me. It was so humiliating yet I remained silent and didn’t utter a single word after that.

Ria: Oh dear, you poor thing. You shouldn’t allow anybody to get to you in such volatile situation.

Kiran: Yeah, I know. But in the heat of the moment it’s difficult to regulate your emotions. On reaching home in the evening, my mother is going to flip out on seeing the mess I made in my room earlier this morning.

Ria: Hey, try not to work yourself up on something that might not happen at all. Relax, let’s have lunch now.

Kiran: Sure thing! You are probably right. Let’s eat. I am famished by the way.

Ria: All the rage and anger makes you hungry.

Kiran: Right on! Good one. Let’s have lunch peacefully.


Everyday idioms made easy banner

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