English Grammar: Tenses Worksheet III

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Check your Grammar Power by answering the following questions.

Choose the most appropriate answer:-

  1. Mary wants to speak with you. Please tell her that I …………… her as soon as I’m free.

(will call/ will have called/ will have been calling)

  1. Let’s meet at 1 o’clock tomorrow. Sorry, I ……………… at one o’clock.

(will be working/ will have worked/ will have been working)

  1. Say goodbye to Annie now. By the time you return, She ……………… for New York.

(will be leaving/ will have left/ will have been leaving)

  1. By 2020, he ………………… as the director of this company for thirty years.

(will work/ will be working/ will have been working)

  1. Please don’t ring the doorbell when you get here. My baby …………..

(will be sleeping/ will have slept/ will have been sleeping)













  1. Will call
  2. Will be working
  3. Will have left
  4. Will have been working
  5. Will be sleeping


Stay connected with Pep Talk for more such grammar exercises. Happy Learning!!

Everyday idioms made easy banner

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