English phrases about Love

English phrases about Love and romantic relationship



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English phrases & idioms about LOVE
  • Love at first sight

Meaning: an act of falling in love with somebody the first time you see them

Example: Sameer and Jyoti met at the New Year party last year. It was love at first sight.

  • Blind date

Meaning: a date between two people who have not met each other before

Example: My roommate keeps fixing these blind dates for me. But every single time it hardly works out.

  • Double date

Meaning: two couples going out on a date together

Example: What are you doing this weekend? If you want we can go out on a double date. I know someone from work.

  • Fall in love with somebody

Meaning: start feeling love towards somebody

Example: She fell in love with a guy she met in Zurich. And after one year they got married.

  • Be an item

Meaning: to be involved in a romantic relationship

Example: Back in college Rajesh and Soniya were an item. They has a falling-out, now they can’t even stay in a room.

  • Puppy Love

Meaning: short-term and shallow love during adolescence years

Example: Rishabh says, he’s in love. Actually he’s thirteen years old and it’s most likely puppy love, nothing else.

  • Have the hots for somebody

Meaning: to find somebody physically attractive

Example: Natalie had the hots for her new boss. Everyone wasn’t surprised when she asked him out.

  • Head over heels in love

Meaning: to be very much in love with someone

Example: He was smitten by her charming personality. Soon, they’re head over heels in love with each other.

  • To be smitten by somebody

Meaning: to be completely captivated by someone

Example: Seema is completely smitten by her new course coordinator. These days she can’t stop talking about him.

  • Made in heaven

Meaning: A relationship or marriage that is perfect as they complement each other

Example: Everyone thought that theirs was a marriage made in heaven. But his in-laws had misgivings about their compatibility.

  • On the rocks

Meaning: a relationship having difficulties and is likely to end

Example: Joy’s marriage is on the rocks. They have been seeing a therapist to get their married life back on track.

  • There’s no love lost between

Meaning: Phrases is used when two parties do not like each other

Example: Even after 8 years of marriage, there’s no love lost between her and her in-laws.


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