Entrepreneurship Programme

“Learn from the experts”

The whole purpose of this programme is to enhance the knowledge and skills of the existing entrepreneurs as well as the one who wants to become the entrepreneur to have exponential growth.
Once a person goes through all the theoretical understanding and learning about the process of conducting the business globally, there are many other factors which make you click in the market as an entrepreneur as a greater portion of the success of an entrepreneur is depended upon the skills by which he/she conducts the business. Your ability to take decision hastily, power to retain intelligent among the team, ability to convince and disciplinary or in general, conviction to lead(leadership Skills)

Why should YOU buy this course?

  • Your capital will start the business but it won’t run.
  • Your ideas will light up your mind, but it won’t get executed itself.
  • Your advertisement will catch the fish, but it won’t retain them
  • Your position will bring you sycophants, but it won’t get the work done.
  • Your first success will make you rich, but it won’t make you wealthy.

Borrowing from Aristotle

“One who knows he becomes, one who understands he teaches”.

We understand the requirement of entrepreneurship development in the country. Therefore, we are here to help you hone up your skills to become the one you always dream of.
Join this 4 days of enriched course to make a dent in this world.


  • Unmute your self with convincing Communication skills.
  • Public speaking skills to retain at the helm.
  • Dress for your roles in the world.
  • The investment strategy to multiply your capital.
  • Recognise your competence zone.
  • Inevitable Business ethics nurture
  • The leader within you.
  • Scattered skills to distinguish yourself in the crowd.
  • Self-branding the important element of the publicity.
  • Social media and time management.
  • Discipline like Mahatma Gandhi by the customized maintenance programme.

Course Fee

(4 Hours per session)

1 Month – Rs 30000

One can book 1 hour of one to one growth SESSION at any point in his/her entrepreneurship career and it will cost just Rs 4000/hour.

Registration Fee – Rs. 1000
*GST Included

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