English & Public Speaking

Overview & Purpose

This course offers a great blend of 8 elements of language learning to speak and write better English. Novice or beginners can opt for this program in order to understand and talk in English fluently. 2 levels of learning in one course is an identity of our methodology.

Functional English

  • Understand English with 300 basic words
  • 500+ daily English phrases
  • 8 parts of speech
  • Making small sentences in speaking
  • Using words in sentences
  • Word recognition through roots
  • Silent letters in words
  • Sentence making speaking competition.

Fluency in Everyday’s English

  • Tenses & modals
  • Question making and other functional parts of English Grammar
  • Fluency practice through videos and audio clips
  • Word power Vocabulary building
  • Master the most important and common situational conversations
  • Spoken English practice through all four aspects ( Read, write, listen, & speak)
  • Group discussions & debates
  • English speaking workshops with vigorous speaking practice
  • Pronunciation practice for commonly mispronounced words
  • Public speaking practice for confidence building


  • Personal interviews mock practice
  • Spoken English competition
  • American & british english difference
  • Become fluent forever


  • 1 Month – 7 days a week (Mon-Sun)
  • 2 Month – 5 days a week (Mon-Fri)


Registration Fee – INR 1,000 (Inclusive of GST)

Admission Fee – INR 14,000 (Inclusive of GST)

Super Human Skills

“Public Speaking art for the Better Future”

This course has been designed for you if you are English language enthusiasts, who are struggling with public speaking fear or wish to work on fluency to emerge as a confident communicator. You will also have business communication art wherein you receive the expertise to crack the interviews along with the persuasive presentation skills to avail the better career options.

Super spontaneity in English

  • Revival of GRAMMATICAL UNDERSTANDING as a first language
  • Correction in MTI and PHONETICS to pronounce better
  • Word bank test and Glossary learning
  • British and American PHRASES and Indian proverbs.
  • IMPROMPTU and EXTEMPORE strategy to get along with the flow of language.

Let’s Talk Business

  • Master 9-5 Communication Art
  • SW analysis along with CVs/RESUME making
  • EMAIL WRITING and telephonic etiquette
  • Improvise GROUP DISCUSSION attributes by GREAT DEBATES
  • How not to kill POWERPOINT SLIDES

Shoulder the three pillars of Public Speaking

  • EIP Art to deliver better Public speaking
  • Employee better VOICE MODULATION along with convincing BODY LANGUAGE
  • Weapon up yourself at podium with SELF-CONFIDENCE by mastering over anxiety & nervousness 

Course Fee

(2 Hours per session)

1 Month – 5 days a Week – Rs. 30,000

3 Months – 3 days a Week – Rs. 30,000 (Weekdays)
Installment fee – (2x 16,500 = 33,000)
1st at the time of admission & 2nd after a month

3 Months – Rs. 30,000 (Weekends)
Installment fee – (2x 16,500 = 33,000)
1st at the time of admission & 2nd after a month

Registration Fee – Rs. 1000
*GST Included

Pep Talk Skills

“The talk, that changes Lives”

This course has been designed for you if you are a working professional, public speaking enthusiast, looking for better roles in career and life, seekers of glory and leadership, and the curious one wanting to transform entire personality and public dealing. However, you do get paid attention to the language improvement as it is one of the integral parts of your first impression.

A quick view of the sessions:

  • Preppy Mic Auditorium for the best exposure of public speaking  (First time in INDIA)
  • Poetic Mic Challenge every fortnight
  • Open debate house community


  • Learn the art of TWO-WAY CONVERSATION
  • The ART OF REPLYING and responding at workplace
  • Master 12 strategIies of SPONTANEITY
  • Build better PRONUNCIATION to modulate your voice to drive the CONFAB
  • Impromptu and extempore making skills
  • Accelerate the SMALL TALK with vocabulary bank and phrases

Present like a Pro

  • Top 3 presentation styles with SHOWMANSHIP
  • Group discussions (formal and informal)
  • Discover the lost art of GREAT SPEECHES
  • STORYTELLING to connect with the world
  • Be an ANCHOR of your Body language
  • Groom your confidence inside-out 
  • Telephone etiquette, Interview skills, meeting etiquette, and Interpersonal skills

Preppy mic stage – real home of the Speaker

  • Taboo breaking speeches
  • Pep debate society 
  • Let the world know your story
  • Spoken words poetry
  • Gyan-sabha- an intellectual discussion
  • Motivational and political speeches


Course Fee

(2-3 Hours per session)

1 Month – Crash Course – Rs. 29,000 (Weekends)

3-5 Months – Rs. 59,000 (Weekends/Weekdays)
Installment fee – (2x 31,500 = 63,000)
1st at the time of admission & 2nd after a month

Registration Fee – Rs. 1000
*GST Included

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