Five Common English fillers you should know

1. Well“Well” can be used in a few different ways. You can use it to show that you’re thinking.

Example: “Well… , you can use my bike”

2. Hmm: “Hmm” is a thoughtful sound, and it shows that you’re thinking or trying to decide something.

Example: “Hmm, I like your suggestion but I think I’ll buy the blue one instead.”

3. Like: “Like” is sometimes used to mean something is not exact.

Example: “My friend has like ten dogs.”

4. You see: “You see” is used to share a fact that you assume the listener doesn’t know.

Example: “I was going to watch the movie, but you see, I lost my wallet and couldn’t purchase the tickets

5. Believe me: “Believe me” is a way of asking your listener to trust what you’re saying.

Example: “Believe me, I didn’t want this non-smartphone, but it was the only one I could afford.”

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