Five Interesting Ways To Teach English to Kids

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Learning and teaching English is an arduous exercise, and you need to fully focus your mental faculties towards the plethora of grammatical rules that exist in order to develop a basic understanding of the language.

Owing to the deluge of exceptions and intricacies within the language, one can no longer adopt a conventional and obscurantist approach to teach English grammar, especially to kids.

The traditional techniques that rely on rote memorization are being effectively being replaced by new, creative methods that make the entire experience more fruitful and effective.

Here are five such interesting methods that should be used to teach English grammar to kids:

1. Use memory cards


Image cards

It is an axiomatic truth that visual aids, images, and videos create a far greater impact in the minds of people than any text-based instruction. In the case of kids, this factor becomes even more pronounced. One effective way to teach English to kids is to use memory cards. You can write down the name of different objects on the cards and use the photos of those objects to help them correlate. The students can then create sentences of those objects and recite the same in the class.

2. Make them role-play

Roleplay kids

Abridged versions of famous plays by Shakespeare such as The Merchant of Venice, Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Much Ado About Nothing can be enacted by the kids and a video recording of the same can be watched again with self-feedback from the kinds themselves. This will help in their diction and pronunciation and also acquaint them with one of the greatest poets and playwrights to exist in history.

3. Include the use of popular characters to make them more involved


Using superheroes

Kids love cartoons and comics. The use of popular characters like Doraemon, Batman, Superman or Spider-man makes them more invested with the learning process. For instance, you can narrate an incident involving a dialogue between Batman and Spider-man and ask them to focus on the tenses and prepositions used in. A funny, well-written conversation will get their attention and also help them learn the language with ease.

4. Play as many games as possible

Play as many games as possible

To liven up your lessons, it is essential to include as many games and fun activities as possible. Vocabulary enrichment, conversation practice, or learning tenses, you can use games for just about anything. You can browse through an entire list of games here.

5. Take them to outdoor trips


school outdoor trip

School trips are one the most anticipated things by kids as it provides a natural learning environment and memorable experiences that stay for a lifetime. Outdoor trips give the real-world feeling of conversing with people and kids can immensely benefit from this exercise. For example, if you take the kids to a restaurant, they can learn what the correct way to order food is or how to follow the proper dining etiquette. If the visit is to a historical place, it provides an added benefit of boosting their general knowledge along with improving their language skills.

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