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Do some English words make you jittery?

Do some of them confuse you like a frog in a dessert?

Let us enlighten you with some pairs of perplexing words that may be confusing at first, but if used correctly, can prove to be quite useful in the normal usage of English language in daily life.

1-Advise &Advice

Advise is a Verb

I had advised you to go to the doctor last week, Why didn’t you?

Advice is a Noun

Why didn’t you take her advice and go to the Doctor?

Explanation– We can see that Advise is the action of giving someone advice

Whereas, Advice the noun which you provide itself.

Use them together:

I advise you to not take anyone’s advice.

  2-Quiet& Quite

Quiet is an Adjective

She is very quiet today.

Quite is an Adverb

This room is quite warm.

Explanation-We shall notice that Quiet means to be silent


Quite is a degree stating ‘to a large extent’

Use them together:

It is quite evident that she is a quiet girl.

3-Pretty & Pretty

Pretty is an Adjective

Monica is looking so pretty today.

Pretty is an Adverb

Her parents are pretty conservative.

Explanation-Pretty as an adjective means attractive

And Pretty as an adverb states the ‘fair extent of something’

Please Note: Pretty is not used in formal conversations as compared to Quite.

Use them together:

It is pretty obvious that he would be with a pretty girl.

4-Affect & Effect

Affect is a verb.

Your behavior affects me.

Effect is a Noun

The effects of your behavior are long-lasting.

 Explanation-Affect means to make a difference to

Effect means to a change which is a result of an action

 Use them together:

The gruesome effects of the earthquake have gravely affected the victims.

5-Compliment & Complement

Compliment is a Noun and Verb

I was so touched by her kind compliment.

The passengers complimented the Cabin Crew for their presence of mind.

Complement is a Verb

They make a splendid couple. They complement each other so much

Explanation-Compliment is a praise or words of appreciation you give someone

Complement, on the other hand, is the action of bringing out one another’s best features.

Use them Together:

I must compliment you for the dinner and It was well complemented by the wine.


These were a few words that we catered to today. We hope this would help you in identifying words and their distinctive qualities.


Let us complement our language and be a recipient of a plethora of compliments !!


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