How Creating a Fear List Helps You Achieve Remarkable Success

The most important thing in life is growth, whether you think from a personal perspective or a professional one. However, to grow exponentially and achieve success, there is a key factor that stops you from achieving your goals.


Fear list

Being fearful is unhealthy and will hold you back in life. Unless you have a strong-will and can tackle your fear heads on, it will keep festering inside you like a pus until it bursts at some point when it is too late.

Can you afford to live your life in fear forever?

What’s the way out of this frightening quagmire that threatens to suck the happiness in your life?

Conquer them. Work your way and develop effective techniques to make every weakness your strength.

How do you do that?

One highly recommended way is to create a ‘fear list’. Let’s see how a fear list helps you by taking the example of public speaking and English conversation. Most people in this world are outright terrified of public speaking. They would rather battle a lion like the Roman gladiators than make a speech in public.

What is a fear list?

A fear list is a list of all your fears that impedes your success.

Anything that strikes dread in your heart whenever you hear its name.

Anything that doesn’t let you have a sound sleep because of your regret of being unable to conquer it.

It can be a particular skill that you see your peers being exceptionally good at, while you cut a sorry figure while attempting the same.

If you keep living with these fears, you will suffer from low-confidence and disappointment throughout your life. But if you identify and overcome them, all these fears will become the hidden diamond that can outshine all other successes you have had in life.

How does a fear list help you become successful?

There are 3 reasons why a fear list acts as a great success tool:

Helps you identify your weaknesses

This is the obvious point of creating a fear You need to know which areas you lag in. Since we are considering public speaking, check where you lag in the field. Are you able to converse properly with people? Do interviews and group discussions always go terribly wrong for you? Is public speaking something that you want to be aeons away from?

It might be the case that you can converse easily with people but going on the stage is not your cup of tea. Maybe your communication skills are good but your body language is quite negative, or vice-versa.

You have to be honest with yourself in order to get the best possible results. It isn’t necessary to write down all your fears in the same day itself. It is a gradual process of identification and improvement.

Conquering Your Fear

Once you have identified your fears, visualize different scenarios that will help you overcome them.

Can you find out a solution within the comfort of your home?
Do you need to join a training institute?
Is it possible to do it at office?

Instead of running away from these problem, unashamedly indulge them. Imagine you are playing a game and have to cross different levels.

Start small, don’t straightaway jump into a big, scary situation, because that can deal a crushing blow to your self-confidence. Work your way up to facing greater problems once you have exercised enough with the smaller ones.

Converse with your friends, family members and colleagues. When you have gained fluency in that, move on to telephonic conversations, preferably with customer support of different products and services. Then try for client communication at your office, and eventually a presentation and a public speech.

Tracking your success

As you conquer each fear, you need to track your success. You might have massive success in some areas, while only moderate success in others. Some could also be a total failure, but there is no need to get dejected.

Find out what you have been doing wrong, try alternate strategies, and re-evaluate your approach. Also, remember that practice is the key. If you envision a fear becoming a reality in the future, then practice and experience will help you out. You can always motivate yourselves by saying: “I have done this several times before with success. I can do it again.”

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