How to be a Confident English Speaker

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A Confident English speaker is the one who takes up the challenge of speaking fluently without hesitation. Feeling nervous initially is natural, however, ignore the nervousness and feel confident from inside. Remember, everything comes from within, and if you feel good and smart while speaking, I am sure the listeners around you will be fascinated by your speech

Feel Good while you speak

When you are speaking, it is important to feel good about yourself. Unless you feel good, you cannot look good and confident to the listeners. Feeling good while speaking is one of the key areas to work upon if you want to be a confident English speaker.

Connect with the listener

The confidence is boosted when you get a positive response for your work. In the same way when you get a positive response from your audience then your confidence is augmented, and for that, it requires first to connect with your listener. The BEST way is to see the whole audience or every listener while speaking, so, when you get responses from the audience like their smiling faces or nodding heads, then your confidence while speaking is lifted.

 Be Natural

If you speak in your natural way, then more people are attracted to your speaking. On the contrary, if you copy someone or try to follow someone’s speaking style then probably it may not fit your way of speaking. Always be yourself while speaking and it will surely build more confidence in you while speaking. 

Be aware

Confidence in English speaking comes when you already know about the discussion. Be aware of National as well as International News so that your confidence is further enhanced when you speak in any discussion. When you do not have an idea about the discussed topic, you would feel out of place, and the confidence would naturally go down. So be aware and updated.

Increase your Vocabulary

What Vocabulary is? Vocabulary is the list of words which a person knows and is familiar with. Furthermore, when you learn more words in your vocabulary, try and speak those words often. It will help and build your confidence in speaking English.

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