How to be a fluent English Speaker

How can I become a fluent speaker? How can that happen? I have tried everything, reading the newspaper daily, downloaded various Vocabulary applications on the mobile phone, I read lots of books; however, the fluency in spoken English is still missing. If you face the above situation, then the following piece is for you.

Read Out Loud

To begin with, you should read out the newspaper loudly ignoring the difficult words. The entire emphasis should be on your spoken words without even knowing the meanings; this will improve your speaking skills. The idea is to speak loudly without any interruption. It is one of the best ways to improve your fluent English.

Record & listen

Recording while speaking is a fantastic idea to enhance your speaking skills. When you listen to what you speak you will find out which all places you halt or make mistakes at. Recording and listening will also improve pronunciation of different words. It is an excellent way to improving your fluency in English.

Discover Difficult words

Whenever you come across any difficult word, you should make a note of it (write it offline not online)with its meaning. Furthermore, writing the sentence with the used word will help you know how that word was framed in a sentence and forming your sentence using that word will be an icing on the cake. This is one of the key ingredients to becoming a fluent English Speaker.

Practice a lot

Learning to speak fluent English is not a piece of cake, it indeed requires you to work hard, practice a lot and if you have time better join an institute who has an expertise in training spoken English. We can get it by an example: When we start learning how to drive, we would initially get nervous, we keep telling our mind that the gear requires a change. However, after so much of practice, now we do not get nervous while driving because now our mind already knows its functionality. In the same way when you are beginning to speak in English, you will get nervous and conscious, but eventually, you will speak fluent English without any hesitation.

Don’t convert from Hindi to English

It is generally seen that people form sentences in Hindi in their minds and convert them into English when they speak. It is not the correct way to learn English. You are required just to speak without framing a Hindi sentence before, in your mind. If your speaking requires thinking, then prepare and think about various ideas in English not in Hindi.

Enjoy Learning!

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