How to be a positive thinker

We at PEP TALK believe that Positivity has an immense power to uplift a man from his low to his high. Humans have a normal tendency to attract negative in life and think more of negative than positive. When you start thinking negative, it will attract more negativity into your life and bring more of negative situations.

All those people who think that Life is a struggle will have a struggling life. On the other hand, all those who believe Life is good and take up every challenge with high positivity will get good things in life. The latter may also get hurdles in life but will cross every hurdle with their positive attitude.

Multiplier Effect

We all must have studied Multiplier effect in economics which says that an increase in spending produces an increase in National Income and consumption greater than the initial amount spent. Similarly, this effect/Law also applies to our life with what we think. If we are thinking right about yourself and people around, then life will offer you good things manifold. Moreover, yes, if you are always thinking bad about yourself and the people around, life will offer you bad in multiple ways. So think today what do you want from your life Good or Bad, Decide and opt for the Best.

Learn to control your thoughts

People say that we think a lot and we have no control over our thinking, and their brain is full of useless ideas all the time. How can we stop thinking? It is not possible.

It is indeed possible to control your thoughts. Keep telling yourself “I conquer my thoughts,” “ I conquer my thoughts.” Say it repeatedly in your mind with your eyes closed and you will learn to conquer your mind. Conquer it only with the positive ideas and situations. If any negative comes to your mind anytime, just ignore and move on with the good ideas.

Smile often

When we see somebody smiling, we feel good and want to smile back, and we realize how powerful the smile is. Begin your day with a big smile on your face and see yourself smiling into the mirror, you will feel good about yourself.

Feel Good, and you will look Good

We all want to look good, and we work a lot in looking good, we concentrate on our attire, our hair-do, and many other outer things. Looking good outside is imperative to survive, But do we ever work on our inner self? Feel good from inside, and you will look good outside.

Take Criticism in a healthy way

Criticism is inevitable; we normally get negative, when we hear negative about us or get negative vibrations from someone. However, a healthy way is to not to think what others think about us, learn to let go of things. Also, don’t react to any negative comment or idea as it will make you more negative.


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