How To Be An Inspiring Leader Through Communication – 10 Rules You Should Follow

The purpose of leadership communication is to inspire and influence people. If you are a leader and have the conviction to engage people, rapture audiences and make them take decisive action, you have the power to improve their performances and get great results. No matter whether you are a senior manager in an MNC, the founder of a startup, or someone looking to shape their skills in a leadership role in the future, you need to inspire through communication.

So what are the basic building blocks to be truly inspiring in leadership communication? Here are the 10 rules you need to follow diligently:

10. Learn how to be yourself, better, and reveal your genuine intent in the way you communicate, in order to build trust. You need to demonstrate through convincing points that people can trust in your leadership.

9. You need to have a compelling purpose and a powerful set of values that will resonate with your listeners. This will enable you to establish a framework that enables proactive action, empowerment, and decision making.

8. Create a vivid picture of the future. Be relentless in your communication so that your listeners assimilate your message and demonstrate behaviors that would drive success in the present and the future.

7. Make sure your people are focused on the key relationships around which your organization revolves and depends for success. The insights you get from these behaviors can be used to drive change and build trust in those relationships.

6. Engagement should be a strategic goal, and your conversations should be weaved around increasing company engagement.

5. Before trying to communicate with your audience, be passionate about understanding their mindset, their desires, and aspirations.

4. LISTEN. The most important part to communicate effectively is to listen to your audience and come up with a well-crafted response that assuages their present concerns and motivates them for the future.

3. Use hard-hitting stories and anecdotes that inspire the right behaviors.

2. Your body language is crucial to the message you convey. Be aware of the signals you send out as a leader. Work extremely hard on your pose, your eye contact and your body gestures before communicating with your audience. A mere quiver, twitch or nervous glance can send out negative vibes to your listeners.

1. Learn, rehearse, review, improve. To be a better communicator, never stop learning. Brilliant leaders take full and frank feedback, constructive criticism in their stride. They steer organizations to success, inspire and motivate followers, and provide a moral compass to set the direction. This only happens when you are eager to learn as much possible.

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