How To Be Creative- Doing Things Differently!

“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.” ~ Edward De Bono


Some individuals and businesses move at a faster pace than others. They are better and more successful in their endeavors than most who conform to a conventional thinking framework.

In India, many startups make a buzz in the country’s evolving digital ecosystem every year. However, there are only a handful that can actually be termed as industry disruptors.

Why is this so?

Creativity is the essential differentiator between success and failure. As an individual, if you continue to innovate and upgrade yourself, you will find that recruiters are more eager to hire you. In the same way, creativity is an intangible trait that companies seek in their potential employees so that the best minds can collaborate to think out of the box and push creative business ideas into reality.

According to Gestalt psychologists, creativity is defined as something that “generates a new idea, insight, or solution through imagination rather than through logic or reason.”

To know more about art and creativity being used in Gestalt therapy, read this piece.


We live in a world that is exploding digitally. Automation and innovation have fostered fierce competition among individuals as well as businesses to become market leaders. If you want to be successful, you need to adapt to rapidly shifting environments and embrace wild, unpredictable ideas that can be converted into success mantras.

How to learn faster and be more creative than others?


1. Always be curious and ask questions:

Question the norms. Ponder whether the default way of doing things is leading to any productivity or not. If the conventional solution-finding techniques are no longer effective, devise new ways of finding resolutions to existing problems.

2. Activate your creative juices:

You’re not a robot that a switch will be turned on and some wonderful creative stuff will start flowing. Your brain will be active if you get involved in creative ideas and activities. Find any area of interest or hobby and explore all the possibilities of excelling at that field.

3. Stay in a creative environment:

If your job forces you to do mechanized tasks that stifle your creativity then leave such a job. Money is important to an extent but more important is to lead a wholesome and creative life, where you can experience and appreciate shared ideas. For this, you need to stay in an environment that has a culture of fostering creativity.

4. Come out of mental traps:

There are conceptual, emotional or behavioral paradigms that restrain you. Conforming to the status quo seems like a better option than thinking out of the box and taking risks. Come out of such mental traps and do something differently!





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