How To Dress Professionally – Business Attire Tips For Men

Being professionally dressed goes a long way in creating a positive lasting impression on a person. According to research, 55% of another person’s perception about you is based on how you look, while 75% of recruiters stress on proper dressing at the office, which eventually affects your appraisal and promotion. Following our list on business attire tips for women, here is the same list for men:

Dressing in style

Buying the essentials

  • Button up shirts- full sleeves
  • Formal belt- preferably black or beige
  • A dark and light pair of formal trousers

Let’s get started. Suits first

  • Neutral shades such as black or navy blue are the safest option.
  • Material should be wool or wool blend.
  • Other acceptable colors- charcoal gray, light gray, dark brown, light gray
  • Patterns should be muted

How about the shirts?

  • Long sleeve shirts are more acceptable than short sleeve ones
  • Material should be cotton or cotton blend for comfort
  • Acceptable colors- White, black, and other light variants

Should men wear jewelry?

  • Watches should not be flashy but sober and conservative
  • A fitness tracker or band is also acceptable to an extent
  • Earrings or bracelets are a strict no-no

Business dressing

  Let’s hear something about the ties

  • Learn how to tie a tie correctly. An incorrectly made tie looks terrible
  • Ties should reach the top of your belt buckle
  • Ties should be made of high quality silk, and should be stain resistant and wrinkle free
  • Acceptable patterns- geometric, diagonal stripe, small to medium dotted, solid
  • Tie colors should complement your suit

 What about shoes and socks?

  • Go for Oxford, Derby, Monk Strap, Brogues, as per the requirement
  • Colors- black leather, dark brown, cordovan, and English tan are your best bet.
  • Your socks should match the color of your shoes and slacks
  • Do not wear short, casual socks with formal attire that can expose your skin while you sit. It is highly unprofessional

Grooming, accessories, and body modifications  

  • Your hair, teeth and nails should be well-maintained. No one likes a person in a disheveled state or whose teeth are yellow and nails are way too large.
  • Your hair should be short and well-kept.
  • If you keep a moustache or a bread, make sure you keep them well-groomed.
  • Accessories should be kept to a minimum.
  • Tattoos and piercings should be avoided and if you have foolishly gone for it, then cover it properly with your clothes. It is strongly suggested to avoid getting any piercing done.

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