How to Dress Professionally – Business Attire Tips For Women

Appearances play a very important part in our lives. If we come across a good-looking person perchance, or a particular appealing profile on social media networks, we immediately feel like knowing more about that person. Though it might sound shallow and superficial to judge a person on his or her personality, the fact is that someone with an impressive personality gets things done while others having an unremarkable persona have to go the extra length for the same.

Dress professionally

Thus, it is of paramount importance that you dress smartly- whether you are going for a job interview, meeting a prospective matrimonial match, or attending a formal meeting. Dressing professionally indicates a seriousness on your part and creates a positive impression in the mind of the person you are meeting. Here are some important tips to build your professional wardrobe:

Invest your money in a great suit

This will ensure not only an impressive appearance for you, but also save you money. How? A suit from a leading designer brand looks timeless and lasts long, instead of cheap and locally made stuff that wears out quickly and needs to be replaced repeatedly, thus burning a hole in your pocket.

Shop smart

Seek the help of someone who can consult on you buying versatile pieces of clothes. Better still, seek the services of an image consultant who can provide you overall useful advice on how to build an impressive wardrobe. Many times, you just need to shop for fillers. You might have a sleek pair of pants and just a matching belt is required.

Buying the essentials

Let’s get you started. Here are some essential you need to purchase:

  • Black pencil skirt
  • White blouse
  • Wide leg trousers (gray, black, or tan)
  • Black pumps
  • An elegant hand bag

Dress smart

  What kind of suits should you buy?

  • Pants or skirt with a matching jacket
  • Material can be pure wool or a wool blend
  • Colors- black, navy, charcoal gray
  • Patterns should be muted
  • Opt for a conservative style

 What shirts should I buy?

  • Long sleeve shirts are considered more professional
  • Recommended material is cotton or cotton blend

How about the blouses?

  • Tops- button ups, shells, turtle necks, fashion blouses
  • Avoid loud colors, Go for neutral colors. Patterns are also mostly a non-no.
  • Skin show is almost always frowned upon in a professional environment. Make sure whatever you wear covers you.

Let’s get some details on the skirts

  • A modest length skirt is the best, and should not be shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
  • Your skirt should be appropriate for walking and climbing stairs, and covers your thighs when you sit.
  • Flowing skirts should be avoided

What about the jewelry?

  • Keep it modest- an elegant necklace, earrings, and a couple of rings
  • No loud jewelry or dangling earrings
  • Broaches can be used to add some color

Great. How about the shoes?

  • Clean and polished, you shoes should be comfortable
  • Heel should be no higher than two inches
  • Closed toe pumps are preferable
  • For a more casual look, open toed shoes are acceptable

 And what about the socks or hosiery?

  • Your socks should match the color of your shoes and slacks
  • They should cover your ankles and /or reach the mid-calf
  • Hosiery must be worn with skirts and should be plain or neutral colored

Let’s move on to the grooming part

  • Your hair should be kept out of your face and should be brushed
  • Makeup should be natural and clean. Loud makeup is to be strictly avoided
  • Nails should be painted a natural color, and should not match your outfit
  • Nails and teeth should be well-maintained. Go for a manicure if necessary


  • Keep them to a minimum
  • Your handbag, scarves, and belt should match your outfit

How about body modifications like tattoos?

  • Think before you get any piercing or tattoo. Visible tattoos not recommended at all in the corporate sector.
  • Even if you have a tattoo, cover it properly.
  • Only ear and nose piercings are acceptable. Any other piercing is deemed as unprofessional.

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