How to improve your Spoken English

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There are five key areas you must need to work upon to improve your spoken English


  1. Speak in English

Speak in English with your friends, family and with all those who already are English speakers. The more you speak and practice you will be more confident in vocabulary and pronunciation.

  1. Read Read Read

Apart from speaking you must also read a lot. Get into the habit of reading English newspaper daily, reading out loud initially will further enhance your speaking skills. Additionally reading English books will also help you to improve your spoken English.

  1. Make your Dictionary

Whenever you come across any difficult word, check its meaning and write it in your dictionary. This way you will never forget the meanings and writing is the best way to memorize. Don’t forget to check the pronunciation(audio) of the word through online apps.

  1. Make sentences of difficult words

You must also see how various words(difficult words) are used to form sentences when you write difficult words. It will further encourage you to use that word while speaking which is the best way to improve your spoken English.

  1. Brush up your grammar skills

When one starts speaking in English, it becomes a known fact that he/she already knows the basic grammar, if you think that you still lack in this area then you must get a complete clarity of the grammar portion.

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