How to interact on the first day of school

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How to talk interact with other students on the first day of your school

Rhea: Hello!

Priyanka: Hey! So is it your first day in this school?

Rhea: Yes.

Priyanka: In which school you were earlier?

Rhea: I was in DV school.

Priyanka: Which is in Dwarka? rRight?

Rhea: Yes.

Priyanka: That’s great! So why did you change your school?

Rhea: I wanted to get more exposure. Now as I am in 9th I wanted to be in a school which is more in co-curriculum activities and of course with advance way of teaching.

Priyanka: Yeah! That’s nice

Rhea: Have you been studying in this school since childhood?

Priyanka: Yes I have been studying in this school from 1st standard

Rhea: Ohh that’s great! So  how are the teachers here?

Priyanka: Teachers are highly motivated and very supportive. They give helping hand to their students to augment their knowledge.

Rhea: That’s something very positive.

Priyanka: You will learn alot in this school because it provides stimulating environment



# While taking about your past experiences use simple paste tense “DID”


Stimulating: encouraging or arousing interest or enthusiasm.

Helping hand: to help

Augment: enhance


You have to be very positive and open while interacting with others, It leaves a good first impression.

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