Everyday english in 50 days

Kavita: Hello! Good morning.

Mansi: Good morning.

Kavita: How are you?

Mansi: I am doing well. And what about you?

Kavita: I am great. So is this your first day in this office?

Mansi: Yes! I joined yesterday.

Kavita: What is your designation?

Mansi: I am here as a trainer.

Kavita: That’s amazing!

Mansi: Are you also working here as a trainer?

Kavita: Yes!

Mansi: If you don’t mind could I please ask how long have you been working here?

Kavita: I have been working here from 7 months.

Mansi: OK! So how many trainers are here?

Kavita: We are a team of seven members.

Mansi: That’s wonderful.

Kavita: Do you have to take any session today?

Mansi: Yes I have to take a session at 3.

Kavita: All the best for that.

Mansi: Thank you!

Kavita: I have a session now, so I will catch you after that.

Mansi: Sure! Bye

Kavita: Bye.

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