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How to speak grammatically correct English?

That’s “the million dollar question” every English learner ponders over day in day out. One thinks about the challenge without getting any specific solution from anywhere. Yet the answer is deceptively simple and subtle and every learner is aware of it but remains oblivious to it. The answer is easy – “the natural way we learn and speak our mother tongue”.

Research shows that human brain is functionally and structurally designed to learn languages, that’s why we call ourselves “sapient beings”. The methods and means we natively use to learn our mother tongue are also relevant while learning English and any other language.

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Now talking about the specifics and how to go about it. Learners can use the following STRATEGIES to speak grammatically correct English.

# Repetitive listening to grammatically correct, easy and understandable English. Always remember REPETITION is important and so is the CONTENT.

# Reading interesting articles, short-stories and books. Learner must always follow her or his INTERESTS in order to learn English effectively and SPEAK FLUENTLY.

# Watching favourite TV shows, movies and videos again and again. To this end, maintaining personal MEDIA LIBRARY is advisable.

# Using YOUTUBE and various APPS to learn and practice conversations in English. Use your smartphone to find relevant content online and PRACTICE REGULARLY.

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