Writing 101

Friends having conversation about travel experience

Ravi: Hey man. How’s life?

Umesh: It’s all good. How’s it going?

Ravi: Well, you know what I ran into Javed yesterday and he’s going to be holidaying in Europe. Actually, he says he would be gone for three months.

Umesh:  Wow! That’s amazing. He would be spending three months at exotic destinations.

Ravi: Yeah, he’s gonna spend his vacation in three different countries – Denmark, Switzerland and Spain.

Umesh: Trip to three Euro nations, that’s my bucket list.

Ravi: Seriously, don’t fret… you will fulfill your bucket list pretty soon.

Umesh: Yeah, I hope so. Have you been to Europe?

Ravi: Europe’s awesome. I guess…. did I tell you I spent 4 months in Spain? Back then I was working on a project.

Umesh: Really, get out of here. You sly dog, you never said anything about Spain dude?

Ravi: I guess…. I never told you. I did spend entire summer in Barcelona and Seville?

Umesh: Oh, nice. How’s the whole experience?

Ravi: The experience was just out of this world. I learnt some Spanish as well.

Umesh: That’s great.

Ravi: Yeah, and you know what, now when I look back and think that was the best trip ever. I met some interesting people there. I hooked up with an American chick in Seville who used to come in Spanish class. She showed me around and we had a great time

Umesh: Dude, you never mentioned this before.

Ravi: Yeah, well, I thought it wasn’t a big deal.

Umesh:  Well, it’s easy for you to say.

Ravi: You know, the most exciting thing I did was – Sky diving. It’s super scary and totally crazy.

Umesh: Yeah, I can only imagine.

Ravi: Yeah, when you’re up in the air, you have this total sense of freedom. Everything vanishes in the face of death. I broke out in a cold sweat but I did it anyways. I would love to try it again sometime.

Umesh:  This time we both gonna try it together in tandem.

Ravi: Sure man. I am kind of excited about it.

Umesh: Me too. I am all psyched up for adventure sports.

Ravi: Yeah, you should never miss out on such a thrilling opportunity.

Umesh: So, let’s plan something this month. My schedule is wide open.

Ravi: Sure, I will give a call once I firm up the details.

Umesh:  That’s cool. See you.

Ravi: Adios mi amigo.

Umesh: Ah, Spanish.  Si Amigo. [laughs]



Run into someone – to meet somebody by chance

Bucket list – a list of things you’d like to do before you die

Get out of hereinterjection used to express disbelief

Out of this world – extremely enjoyable or impressive

Hooked up with someone – form a relationship

In a cold blood – a state of extreme worry and fear

Psyched up for – to prepare mentally

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