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Friends having conversation about school days

Divya: Hey, how’re you?

Rashmi: Hola, I am fantastic. So what’s new with you?  

Divya: Not much, same old same old.

Rashmi: I was on the phone with my mother earlier today. I had a really long conversation with her

Divya: Oh nice, how’s she doing these day?

Rashmi: Yeah, she’s doing good. She sent her regards, by the way.

Divya: Well, thanks.

Rashmi: Yeah, while I was talking to her it came out of the blue. But she was telling me how I was a stubborn child back then.

Divya: Really! You were like that.

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Rashmi: What can I say? It’s hard to imagine anything like that. But it’s true. I really had hard time moving to different cities due to my father’s nature of work.

Divya: Oh wow, that can actually be pretty traumatic for a kid to keep changing places and schools.

Rashmi: Yeah, it was a total nightmare, adjusting to a completely new school.. new kids, new teachers, everything being new.

Divya: Oh, That sounds very unsettling.

Rashmi: Yeah, I mean.. it was overwhelming. As my mother tells me, I kept whining about it during first few weeks being at new school. And my stubbornness made it worse.

Divya: Well, at least I didn’t have to move like you did. I mean, that can be really difficult from an academic standpoint when you have to do it in mid-year. And you know, it’s really tough to get settled in.

Rashmi: That’s true. Only thing that kept me going was my interest in extra-curricular activities especially sports, dancing and singing. That made the transition easier.

Divya: That’s marvelous. And you know what, you still enjoy dancing and singing a lot.

Rashmi: Right. I believe your hobbies and interests give your life real meaning. It helps you to break free from monotony of life.

Divya: Well said. You have an amazing outlook towards life.

Rashmi: Well I am trying to keep it real and simple.

Divya: Yeah, that’s just awesome.

Rashmi: Talking about my childhood experience, I was a spoiled brat and used to throw tantrums to get whatever I wanted. I’ve had some friends in schools and I am still in touch with them.

Divya: Really! Your personality has undergone incredible dramatic change. You know, you’re more like agreeable and amiable person now.

Rashmi: Yeah, everybody keeps talking about this transformation, I bet, it’s for the best.

Divya: There is no doubt about it.

Rashmi: Hey listen, I gotta go now. I’ve to reach home early today.

Divya: Sure, great talking to you. See you soon.

Rashmi: Likewise. Cheerio!



Out of the blue – completely unexpected

Traumatic – deeply disturbing or distressing

Nightmare – a very unpleasant or frightening experience

Overwhelming – powerful and unbearable

Break free – move away or get out of unpleasant situation

Spoiled brat – badly behaved child


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