How to talk about writing a blog

Two friends talking on phone about blogs

Mira: Hi there! What are you doing?

Raman: Hey, nothing new. I am just working on my blog post for the website.

Mira: What are you writing, exactly?

Raman: I’m gonna write a blog about how to learn English effectively.

Mira: Right, so what’s the best method to get fluency in English?

Raman: It’s hard to pin point a single strategy to attain fluency. In the blog, I’m gonna elaborate a few tips to do that. I have done a lot research on the topic. And it has been a big area of interest since my college days.

Mira: That’s great. Actually a friend of mine is trying to learn spoken English for quite some time now but his every effort has gone in vain. He still makes a lot grammatical errors and pronunciation mistakes while speaking. He is really pissed off.

Raman: I can understand his frustration. My blog is gonna cover all such issues. For now, he can start watching TV series, reading interesting novels for fun and can also go for really good Spoken English classes.

Mira: Could you suggest some good institute for English Speaking course?

Raman: Sure! If he truly wants to learn and make a prudent investment, I would highly recommend PEP TALK INDIA.

Mira: Great. One that is at Rajouri Garden.

Raman: Yeah. There trainers are really passionate about what they do and they teach complicated language like English in an easy and practical manner.

Mira: Thanks a lot. I will let him know about it. Could you recommend him some good TV series to learn English?

Raman: I would recommend that you read my blog once I publish it. It’s an exhaustive but interesting piece of writing. You will find everything there. So be patient.

Mira: Okay. I will wait for it. By the way, which platform do you use to write blog?

Raman: Actually I use Blogger to write my blogs. It’s very easy to use and intuitive blog-publishing service by Google.

Mira: Yeah. Good to know.

Raman: First I find interesting topic to write on and then after researching the topic and I use Blogger to publish it.

Mira: That sounds like a lot of work for me. But it’s a good habit to have.

Raman: Yeah, agreed. Once I finish writing this post, I will send you the link. You can go through my other blogs as well.

Mira: Wonderful !  I am looking forward to reading your blogs. And I will share the link with my friend too so that he can get benefit from your research and knowledge.

Raman: Sweet! Talk to you later. Will hang up now.

Mira: See you around. Good Luck!

Raman: Thanks a lot. Bye.



In vain without success or a result.

Pissed off – very annoyed

Prudent – wise, judicious

Exhaustive – fully comprehensive

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