How to talk about your favourite movie

Two Friends having conversation about movies


Joey: Hola, how’s it going? You look amazed.

Chuck: Hey, yeah, I’m pretty good. How you?

Joey: Nice, I am cool. Where are you coming from?

Chuck: I have been out and about doing some shopping. I was at Eternity Mall and then I went to see movie in IMAX.

Joey: Great.

Chuck: One of my favourite things to do.

Joey: Yeah, I know. What movie did you get to watch?

Chuck: I watched ….[Phone rings]  Excuse me. I need to take this call. It’s urgent.

Joey: Sure, it’s absolutely fine. Go ahead.

Chuck: Thanks.

[After few minutes]…..

Chuck: I am sorry. Our conversation got interrupted.

 Joey:That’s okay. So who are you just getting off phone with?

Chuck: I was speaking to my mother.

Joey: How’s she doing?

Chuck: She’s doing okay. Actually she has been out of sorts since last week but she is alright now.

Joey: Oh, I hope she recovers soon.

Chuck: Yeah, I wish the same.

Joey: You’re saying something about the movie you watched.

Chuck: Right, I watched movie Inception. I have become big fan of Christopher Nolan. The story, visual effects and direction blew me away. It was incredible.

Joey: Wow! That’s awesome.

Chuck: And watching movie at IMAX theatre made the experience even more immersive. The acoustics and giant screen offer unforgettable movie watching experience for cinephile like me.

Joey: Sweet! So what’s the movie all about?

Chuck: Inception is a sci-fi movie with intricate plot where group of people attempt to hack into mind to get confidential information. I haven’t seen anything like it. The visual effects and imagery were simply breath-taking.

Joey: Holy cow! It sounds crazy.

Chuck: The story was intriguing and the entire time I was on the edge of my seat.

Joey: Yay! I will definitely watch it.

Chuck: It’s must-watch movie. If you want I can re-watch it. It is one of my favourite movies.

Joey: We can go there tomorrow. I would certainly want to get a taste of IMAX.

Chuck: Yeah, sure. I will book the tickets online.

Joey: That would be swell.

Chuck: By the way, what is your favourite movie?

Joey: I really like The Matrix, it’s one of my favourite sci-fi movies. The casting, characters, cinematography, storyline, action pieces and never seen before graphics intrigues me watch it again and again.

Chuck: Great! You too have a good taste in movies. It’s a bummer that film industry is just churning out subpar movies and out-of-the-box movies like The Matrix are seldom made these days.

Joey: I totally agree.

Chuck: Man, my cab has just arrived. I have to leave. Catch you later.

Joey: No problem. See you tomorrow. Cheerio!





Out and about – doing the things you usually do

Out of sorts – not feeling well

Blow someone awayimpress someone greatly

Intricate – very complicated

Intriguing – interesting, fascinating

Get a taste of something – experience something

Churn out – produce something in large quantity

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