How to Watch TV Series to Improve English Speaking

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You have spent a lot of time in the reading newspaper, trying to finish a novel and hitting on your luck to find a companion to practice English-speaking but the only change you are identifying is the saturation in your English learning enthusiasm than getting your head around the language.

I get it, learning English or any other language to speak is more like learning driving or learning to ride a bicycle until you sit on the bike and loose the clutch slowly, you don’t really ride even though you know everything in theory. taking the logic from this analogy until you get complete inclination towards speaking fluent English you don’t get to speak like vernaculars do.

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As I have shared in one of our videos in Pep Talk India YouTube channel about how creating interest in the language helps you learn more, presumably you learn to think in English leading towards better pronunciation, better choice of words and so on and so forth. which is why I am going to leave you with the ideal way to use TV series for your improvement as I often find people being unsure of its benefits.

Here is the list of top 10 brilliant TV series which will not only help you understand the native English speakers but also leave you in splits.
Let’s proceed further to discover and understand these steps:-
Step 1. Keep a notebook or your phone’s note handy whenever you watch any TV series. (I would recommend you to watch the downloaded videos as you can pause and play anytime you want)
Step 2. Try watching with headphones as it will work as acoustic for different accent understanding. Initially, it is suggested to watch with subtitles later you may remove that since you would not want to be habitual to watch and understand with subtitles.
Step 3. Check the spelling in subtitles and quickly refer these words to the dictionary( use an online dictionary where you can listen to the correct audio of the words) Use, Merriam-Webster or
Step 4. Make the separate column for vocabulary, phrases, and expressions! Now, you can make sentences using your real life instance and try to fit those expressions in your fabricated conversation with someone. Remember, phrases and expressions used in the TV series are the real treasure which also helps you understand the native way to communicate in English.
Step 5. Watch the same episode again to get acquainted with the context and pronunciation of the same. Which will eventually enable you to use them in your writing and boost your confidence to use them correctly.
Step 6. This is the real practice now, try narrating the episode to someone using those words, phrases, and structuring of the sentences. If you don’t have anyone to narrate the same, then its even better, you can audio record yourself pretending to make someone intrigued by your story-narration.
I would advise you to learn the words to use in expressions and context instead of noting it separately, for example, idiomatic expressions which mean idioms which are used as an expression in the conversation.
If you follow these steps religiously, let me give you a good news:
You will learn American accent and correct pronunciation, phrases, and proverbs, British accent, idioms, and expressions, along with several hundred British and American slangs.
I know you want to get the method right, so here you go with this clip of Friends(Season 1, Episode 1)
This is an epic Tv show, which started its journey with early 1994 and finally after 10 seasons it threw in the towel in 2004. this is the story of 6 friends living in a big city struggling through the different challenges of life by backing each other. I would want you to watch the whole 10 seasons to experience the humor and sarcasm oozing out of each cast’s dialogues apart from learning thousands of ready to use short phrasal sentences.
Apart from watching series there are some other methods to improve your English, Click here to read “4 ways to improve your English anywhere and anytime
Hope you have learned the way to use TV Series for your betterment of English Language, stay connected for more.


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