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I am clear with the Grammar portion and speak English quite well, but I have a problem in understanding and speaking new and challenging words. How can I do that? Also, If I memorize the difficult words and their meanings, I am neither able to use them in my spoken English nor my written English. If you are facing this situation, then Vocabulary is the area you need to work upon.  Following are the Effective ways to enhance your vocabulary:


The best way to increase your vocabulary is reading. Read newspaper or books and when you find a difficult word, try to guess its meaning from its context and then look for its meaning in the dictionary. What should you read? The answer is Whatever interests you. Often it is seen that people with low vocabulary do not like to read much, if that is the case then you should try reading easier things. Try and look for books and magazines of your interest. The idea is to read anything which interests you and find and learn new words from it.


Don’t skip the difficult words

It is seen many people saying that they read a lot. However, their vocabulary is still not good. Why is that? It is because when we read a novel, we just move with the story and skip the new words we come across. When you are working to increase your vocabulary, then you should not overlook the words, instead find their meaning and keep a note of them in a diary. Additionally, you can also frame sentences using them.


Download the Online Dictionary and Thesaurus

Had you been in the 20th century, then  Mobile phone dictionary would not be possible because smartphones were not there.  We people are now at an advantage of using Mobile Phone applications. The online Dictionary is readily available when you want to find the meaning of a word.


Read all the forms of the new word

It is advised to go through all the forms of the word while checking the dictionary, the noun form, the verb form as well as its adjective form. For example, I have found the meaning of Audacity; it means Boldness(the noun form). Now the Dictionary also has other forms like Audacious(is an adjective form), and Audaciously is an adverb. This way you will be able to use the word in a better way.


Learn the words by its origin and roots

Many people say that we have learned a lot of new words, but we never remember them. It is because you never learn a word with its origin, how the word was originated? If you also read few lines about the word’s origin, then you will never forget its meaning.


Use words in Spoken & Written  English

We have learned various new words, but, do we ever use them in our Spoken or written English? Learning new words is not the only area we need to work upon, we should also try and use the new words when we speak. We can do that by using the words initially in our written English and then further using them in the spoken English


Use Vocabulary Builder Applications

There are various Vocabulary builders nowadays in the PlayStore in you mobile. You should download them and enjoy their benefits. They will let you know various new words and help you memorize through their exercises.

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