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  • Bull in china shop

This idiom is used for one who causes damage.

Example: It seems, he is bull in china shop in her life.

  • A damp squib

This idiom is used for a complete failure.

Example: His presentation was a damp squib.

  • A man of straw

This idiom is used for a weak person.

Example: He wouldn’t be able to survive this working culture being a man of straw.

  • A slap on the wrist

This idiom is used for a mild punishment

Example: He got a slap on his wrist for not completing his homework.

  • Beat a dead horse

This idiom is used when a solved or ended issue is forced again.

Example: She was scolded by everyone for beating a dead horse.

  • Bite your tongue

This idiom is used for avoiding talks.

Example: Why do you always bite your tongue when you see any stranger?


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