Preparing for Interviews the Pep Talk Way!

No one like to be judged. Yet, to convince the interviewer that you are the right choice, one must be confident and be able to prove their worth.

While feeling anxious before an interview is a very natural thing, being able to perform well is also a very easy task. Keeping a few things in mind before an interview can help us come across as a calm, confident, and capable candidate.

1. Conduct basic research about the company and know about the founders, the current senior staff, and the product/services. Knowing about the company’s current condition in the market is also useful information to have. Annual sales, number of employees, the scope of operations and if the company is expanding or not, are all pieces of information every candidate should know. 

2. Prepare for the frequently asked questions during interviews by practicing with somebody. A candidate should be able to answer a question with ease and in at least 2 different ways. Do not cram or mug an answer, but try to understand the direction of each question and your parallel direction while answering. Always know the Job Description for each interview by heart, so that you can let the interviewer know that you understand all the duties.

3. Prepare your attire and transportation beforehand. Picking the right suit or a semi-formal combination is as important as going to bed early and being rested for the big day. Always lay out your clothes for the interview at least a day earlier. Being confused, angry and consequently, late, is not a  good idea. Understand the route and destination properly. Note it down on paper if need be. Even if your phone malfunctions or its battery dies, you should never be lost.

4. Have some achievement stories ready. The more, the merrier. A candidate should be able to always talk about their achievements and accomplishments with ease and confidence. A co-curricular or an extra-curricular activity can also be mentioned as an achievement. Your contribution and role can be described as a way to build a platform for your team skills, cooperation, and leadership. 

These are just some the tips that can help you manage your anxiety and help boost your confidence the next time you appear for an interview. For more such tips and tricks, visit us at Pep Talk India. 

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