Is Reading Success Stories Really Beneficial For You?

If you are an entrepreneur and have an amazing idea for business disruption, or a professional keen to make it big in the corporate world, or maybe a student looking to achieve incredible heights in his/her career, then one advice you must have often listened to is to read stories of success.

You read biographies of successful people, analyze what steps they took and the decisions they made throughout their life in order to emulate them or reach similar levels of success.

Some stories are really inspirational and they do provide you with the desired level of motivation to set you on the path for success.

However, you need to ask yourself an honest question: Is reading success stories really beneficial for you?

“Do they just provide you motivation to work hard or do they also provide you practical tips that actually work in life?”

Watch this video by Pep Talk Public Speaking leader Rocky Saggoo in which he talks how important it is to read stories of FAILURE, instead of stories of success!

Did you realize how critical is it to read stories of failure?

Some important points to be noted:

  • We are all different individuals. Some are more charismatic, some are less. Some are skilled in a specific field, while others are more adept at others. That means, what worked for, say, a Steve Jobs, won’t work for you.
  • Like we are all different individuals, our circumstances and scenarios will also be different. We live in different countries, different regions and under different governments.
  • If you study stories of failures, you will know what mistakes not to make and which areas to avoid.

For example, let’s take the case of Google.

How did this technology behemoth come into being?

Did it just start off as a normal company and all of a sudden became incredibly successful?


Watch this video below!

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