JS Anandrahi

Writer,Author, Public Speaker, Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur


Late Mr. JS Anandrahi


Mr. Anandrahi was one of the most liked international authors and entrepreneurs. he was a prolific writer as well with almost two million readers worldwide. Unlike his Western counterparts Anandrahi understood the Socio-economic complexities of Indian and Asian people in a right perspective. With a sound backing of 15 years of research and more than 20 years of experience in the field of Creative Writing and Elocution, not only did he write marvelous and thought-provoking articles to help people reshape into a winning personality, he also blazed the trail with the very foundation of PEP TALK to give learners a learning environment, aspiring Pep Talker a stage to perform and job seekers a stepping stone to kick start their professional journey in the field of Public Speaking.

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