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JS Anandrahi

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Late Mr. JS Anandrahi

> Founder

Mr. Anandrahi was one of the most liked international authors and entrepreneurs. He was a prolific writer as well with almost two million readers worldwide. He was admired for his perceptive style of writing and amazing connect with the readers. Unlike his Western counterparts, Anandrahi well understood the intricacies and socio-economic complexities of Indian society and Asian culture in a right perspective and his talks and writings reflected this outlook. With a sound backing of 15 years of research and more than 20 years of experience in the field of creative writing and elocution, not only did he write marvelous and thought-provoking articles to help people transform into a winning personality, but he also blazed the trail with the very foundation of PEP TALK. The academy was outcome of his inspiring vision was to give learners a conducive learning environment, aspiring Pep Talker a stage to perform and job seekers a stepping stone to kick start their professional journey with revamped public speaking skills. Since its inception, PEP TALK has so far trained thousands of students from diverse backgrounds cutting across geographical and social barriers.


PEP TALK INDIA started a revolution under his inspirational leadership and has always endeavored to continue his legacy with a vision to transform lives of people through its unique brand of training.


Like many of his publications. this special compilation of life lessons is the brainchild of JS Anandrahi who put his practical wisdom into it. His personal philosophy permeates throughout this book.


Today PEP TALK thrives under his tall inspiring shadow and stays guided by his empowering vision.

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