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Public Speaking Leader

An international public speaking coach and personality development trainer, Khushi Singh is the COO and thinking-head of Pep Talk India.

Having extensive experience in training more than 10,000 working professionals for about a decade, she holds several international certifications in public speaking. She has also been trained by the world’s top two CIMs (certified image masters) for self-image management and personality grooming. A master in generating new ideas with incredible impromptu skills, Khushi Singh has been a public speaking enthusiast ever since her childhood and this passion was only amplified when she pursued her Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management.

As someone who firmly believes in positive holistic development, Khushi Singh shapes aspiring Pep Talkers into spunky personalities who are inquisitive, creative, and have a zest to face any formidable challenge in life. She weaves magic with her words by mingling proficient speaking with astounding confidence and elegant spontaneity. Her innovative ideas, and the ability to entwine humor, anecdotes, and analogies with elan leaves her listeners enthralled with wonderment. Her vivacious personality and astounding fluency during debates have won her several accolades in public speaking championships.

Her Philosophy

At Pep Talk India, she encourages and motivates students to conquer their fears by not only becoming master speakers and communicators, but also to defy human boundaries by continuously striving for excellence. Do you feel satisfied with your performance in a class? Nope, not for Khushi Singh. You can do even better. As a result, her coaching style has been the basis of many success stories at Pep Talk India, with various industry leaders and corporate professionals expressing their wholehearted gratitude for her efforts.

Khushi Singh believes that excellence is a habit, neither innate nor attained through overnight work, but imbibed through dedicated efforts. Be it public speaking or building a great business, her motto is never to train or teach, but to lead by example. She firmly believes that running over adversity is the path ahead to success, instead of buckling under and letting your fears win.

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