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PepTalk has transformed many lives all around the globe and has been able to help them grow incredibly fast with our Live Training programme.

Your 4 Weeks Transformational Plan

Communication Skills

Learn to express yourself the way you want.

Week 1

⏣ Create a big impact with small talk
⏣ Master Listening skills & conversation openers
⏣ Digital communication tools & techniques
⏣ Fluid vocabulary for better fluency
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Public Speaking

Create an amazing influence with artistic public speaking

Week 2

⏣ Understand your audience
⏣ Build unbeatable self-confidence
⏣ Speak boldly in front of the camera
⏣ Top secrets of successful pubic speakers
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Impactful Presentations

Learn the art of giving effective presentations and present your best self

Week 3

⏣ Develop skills for virtual meetings
⏣ Master presentation with super ease
⏣ Set the tone right in online presentations
⏣ Connect & use PPT tools effectively
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Personality Enhancement

Transform your personality with powerful growth hacks

Week 4

⏣ Master your body language
⏣ Know your personal strengths
⏣ Transform your self-image
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10x your career growth

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Learn the Pioneering Principles + Proven Tactics to Multiply Your Productivity, Accelerate Your Performance and Create a World-Class Business and Life.

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About The Course

Your communication style is your identity, A confident presence speaks louder than your words! Join this interactive public speaking online course from Pep Talk India with ‘Digital Edge’. Learn to master the art of effective communication and present your best self to create a charismatic influence Build remarkable Public Speaking confidence and wisdom with novel strategies.

Any Doubts ?

Frequently Asked Questions?

Among many reasons, it is live classes in presence of a virtual audience where your fear of speaking to people is exposed and worked on.
The other reasons are:-
1. these are highly interactive sessions where trainers help you perform better not only the timely feedback but also with so much of spontaneous practice.
2. you will be exposed to not one but two extensively experienced trainers’ content and artistic methods.
3. Only Training content that works best for working professionals. Etc.

Yes, It does!
let me explain you how: one of the biggest reasons of poor public speaking skills is poor preparation and structures of the thoughts; due to which people fail to express his thoughts & ideas in presentations. Ironically, they end up blaming their confidence most often for such failure. Second important reason of poor public speaking is misplaced confidence due to distorted self image; in order to improve your self- confidence, you need guidance of people who know the best. This course tackles these two major reasons among other in the virtue of having trained more than 40000 participants across the globe.

This course content is a result of 15 years of enriched experience into live public speaking Training. This course includes only what works the best no beating around the bush. So yes, this is perfect plan for any working professional to become better public speaker.

It has worked on almost everybody who took full responsibility of their outcome not on those who needs guarantee.

No! Because these are interactive sessions and if you don’t understand something you can anytime ask your trainer for more help.

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Course Details

Attend 36 hours of live online training with professionals like you, Your Journey will follow a tried & Tested method that delivers the best results.

Duration: 1 Month

Schedule: 3 Classes a week

Type: Live online classes

Fee: ₹ 21,000*

18% GST Excluded


Interactive video call sessions with Mentors and Students


Attend 2 classes every week with 1 optional class


Helping Assignments/PDFs per course