Most Practical Way to Control Your Fear, to become Better Public Speaker


Fear stems from the most primitive part of human brain, the part which we cannot regulate directly through conscious thinking and cognitive manipulation. Even though fear plays important role in our life but sometimes “feeling of fear” can have debilitating effects on our professional progress and performance. Fear exists mainly because of dearth of prior experience or lack of skills and imaginary fear responses lodged in our brain. This video compels you to rethink about our fear and proffers some most practical pointers to overcome the fear of public speaking – the most dreaded fear of all. First step is always to identify and acknowledge this fear of public speaking aka Glossophobia and next step is taking remedial steps to overcome this phobia. Someone rightly said “fear is temporary but regret is forever”. This choice is yours whether you want to live regret-free life by embracing and surmounting your fears or you want to allow the fear to embarrass you throughout your entire life. Pep Talk India is offering you a lifetime opportunity to live a truly empowered life sans fear.





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