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What is the Experience we offer?

Make a positive impression on others by changing your attitude and approach to problems.
A tried-and-true road map to becoming a happier, more confident, more fearless version of yourself!

Online Course Highlights

The incredibly simple, executed course for effective communication.

Strategic Communication Skills

Professional growth: Learn the nitty gritty of miraculous public speaking skills from history till now.

Presentation Skills & Data Storytelling

Learn to Effectively Use PPT, Prop, & Other Tools of Presentation.

Triumph over Public Speaking Fear & Anxiety

The science behind public speaking fear and ways to tackle it by understanding its core in the human brain.

Personality Development

Creating a new you by fixing the core personality-related issues.

Course Content

What’s Included

Access premium public speaking video course content with weekly practice assignment

No matter where you are, no matter how far, join live practice and feedback sessions every week

Breakthrough public speaking exposure in the offline workshop

Join the public speaking community for life-long support

Access extensively researched resources and experimented with a practical toolkit

Life-time support till GOAL not achieved

rocky saggoo

Rocky Saggoo

Responsible for 39,700+ lives transformation in the domain of public speaking, personal development, personality grooming, and much more other life skills
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Khushi Singh

Responsible for 25K + people’s development in terms of language, communication, public speaking and personal development.

Somehow I showed the courage and enrolled myself in this 2 months programme, and that moment proved to be a decisive one. The kind of training and support I got from my mentors is really commendable! I became an Air Hostess with the help of this transformational training, but this wasn’t it. I re-upped myself in the programme because self-improvement is never ending journey. I’m a proud pep-talker now and training young women to make their career in aviation. Joining PTI has been the best investment decision of my life!

Himakshi Arora Cabin Crew Trainer
Public Speaking - Reviews

I was the person who couldn't talk to people even for a minute, my body started shivering every time on stage, I couldn't even hold a mike properly because of anxiety but after joining Pep Talk I have transformed myself like hell in just a few sessions. Now I can talk to anybody without shivering. Above all Rocky sir and Khushi Ma'am gave me a new perspective of life.

Preeti Singh Rajput Entrepreneur

Pep talk guys are awesome, along with other stated skills they will transform you into a real professional who knows how to deal in different types of situations. They will work on how to come out of your comfort zone and made you fearless. My best wishes to Peptalk family and special thanks to Rocky, He is amazing guy with full of energy and dedication towards his students.

Shiv Trehan Deputy General Manager at Godfrey Philips India Limited

    If You are a Working Professional or want to Become One.

    Pep Talk India has made its mark not just in India but also overseas countries by helping individuals offline and online grow in their career and life by mastering skill sets responsible for the transformation and growth.

    This is what happens after joining Pep Talk

    Make Your Mark

    Public speaking is the most underrated skill yet it is at times the only factor to influence and compound the massive professional turnaround.

    Designed with over a decade of Experience.

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