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Effective Communication Skills has been the biggest treasure for any man to succeed at personal as well as Professional front in life for over 7500 years at least.
This program opens the door of communication mastery to succeed at any aspiration in life.

We live in a time when people believe in visibility.

And the world belongs to visible leaders in all fields, including politics, education, and business.

No matter what degree one has, one must have a charismatic personality and strategic speaking ability to thrive.

Your personality is the biggest treasure you have to become anything in life, be it a happy person or a highly influential leader

This course focuses on an individual’s growth in terms of confidence, knowledge, leadership, public speaking, ideas, personal grooming, stage presence and people skills... Enabling you to be the better version of yourself and not just that but managing your development graph forever.

What you will Discover

> How to Become a Powerful Communicator

> How to develop your presentations’ content and make them memorable

> How to tell memorable stories that will captivate your audience

> How to inspire and influence your audience

> How to have a vibrant voice and employ excellent body language

> How to maximize every speaking opportunity

> Deliver your message with enthusiasm and intention

> How to present yourself in front of camera confidently 

In a Nut Shell We Help you Hone A to Z Skills for 360 degree Transformation

How Does The Program Work?

Personalised Sessions

Upon your enrolment in the course, you attend personalised sessions with the mentor to create your personalised plan of action and development graph. (Which may include at times English language enhancement training as well)

khushi singh

Customized Action Plan

Every week’s training unfolds as per the action plan curated for you. Which may include exposure in group, personal session, closed group coaching, virtual sessions, as well as meeting outside office premises for environment exposure.

Continous Feedback

Every week feedback is provided separately and make an adjustment in next week training if needed.

Interactive Assignments

Every week there will be some assignment to finish (which may include: creating a short video, watching the documentary, writing journals or study cases, creating reports and delivering it to a different audience, etc)

360° Personality Enhancement

Every week you may be instructed to carry different appearances for personal image management work.

pep talk india bhavya fitness coach

3 Months of Transformation

For next 3 months you will be taught, trained and exposed to various activities, intense discussions, and transformational feet.

Long Term Membership

Once your program of 3 months gets over, for next 7 months you will be part of Gyan Sabha. Hence you will have personal guidance meet every month once as you work through the life with newly learnt skills.

pep talk india gyan sabha

Pep Talk Factor:

It’s easy to identify One trained here because this training program doesn’t just teach you or train you to speak what is there in the bright light but exposes you to embrace your vulnerability, nurtures your mind to think the unthinkable, and frees your soul by providing you the platform to express your ideas of growth.

All these become possible for these 7 factors among many others:

2 Expert Coaches: Not one but 2 public speaking coaches' involvement allows you to get the best of both the world as Rocky Saggoo will challenge your thoughts to become confident personality and Khushi Singh will nudge you to communicate strategically in public.

The stage exposure- One of our training pedagogies is to allow participants expand their comfort zone by being on the stage with mic, podium and audience from day one.

IQ & EQ- our training program involves brainstorming of ideas, expert knowledge sharing, thought provoking insights of speaking being and many more such activities. Which pushes the boundaries of participants IQ & EQ.

Behavioral training- this training program includes behavioral training which allows participants look into blockages and biases and altering them brings abundance of awareness. And, when you own your behavior, you own your success in life.

Personal Mentorship- this training is in-depth coaching hence, there are various personal sessions to reinforce the impact of the training program.

Image & brand building- become habitually successful is our mantra of transformation and this becomes possible when you train people to improve their poor self image and brand oneself better.

Life time mentorship- more on this at the bottom of the page.

rocky saggoo

Additional Benefits and Resources

3 Months*

Of Transformational Training

In Just 1.85 Lac*

1 year training program…1.5 lakh….
Start your 360* transformation today

How this transformational journey work for them...

1 year training program…1.5 lakh….
Start your 360* transformation today

Dedication Towards Your Transformation

We hand-hold our students forever: Once you become the part of Pep Talk India’s family, we provide you support pad like a family.

Life time mentorship: Personal Growth mastery is a journey not a destination. That is why to make your journey enriching and blissful we have come up with “ GYAN SABHA”.

Start your journey of successful speaking like 59,800 others did….

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