Personality Development & Management

There is a great saying “every time we push personal development aside, we invite personal struggle into our lives.”

Your personality is the biggest treasure you have to become anything in life, be it a happy person or a highly influential leader. And, this intensive course enables you to be a better version of yourself and not just that but manage your development graph forever.
This course focuses on an individual’s growth in terms of confidence, knowledge, leadership, public speaking, ideas, personal grooming, stage presence and people skills.

Who should join:

Anyone and everyone willing to empower their personality for growth! Professionals, graduates, homemakers, executives, managers, businessmen, sales professionals, artists, stage performers, public speakers, motivation speakers, teachers, and Government Employees.

Program Content:

  • Master Communication skills in the language you are most comfortable with or in English
  • How to start & make any conversation in social gathering
  • Importance of verbal ability and advantages of being vocal for self development
  • Situation reaction test for impromptu & spontaneity
  • Empower Public speaking ability & stage presence
  • Kill monotony and improve Voice modulation
  • Make small talk in parties and social gathering
  • Build self confidence for freedom in life
  • Outer personality management
  • Impactful First impression
  • Personal grooming, different styles of Handshakes
  • Sitting and standing postures for formal and social settings
  • Culinary art and etiquette
  • Meeting etiquette (for marriage, for job, for business)
  • Clothes and comfort
  • Become storyteller for better relation
  • How to have an original ideas and opinion
  • How to be Successful person( A student, professional, homemaker, & a business leader)
  • Improve your bad habits & Build positive outlook
  • Give and take interviews
  • Understand psychology biases and improve decision making
  • Power of Knowledge for an immediate growth
  • Become a pro presenter by masting the go to presentation skills
  • Speech delivery with Podium or no podium
  • Manage and nurture your people or team
  • Remove shyness and nervousness

Modern Skills for life:

  • Art of diplomacy in talk
  • Becoming a leader and retaining at the helm
  • 10 commandments for progress in life
  • Self management program
  • Art of everyday’s negotiation
  • Improve Dress sense to direct your position
  • How to form your opinion against social media’s pressure
  • Build yourself a walking brand
  • Create Competitive edge and showmanship
  • Power of compounding in everyday’s life
  • Inspire yourself and others!

What will you gain:

  • Ability to communicate clearly and express your ideas effectively.
  • Manage your team and people effectively with better people skills.
  • Create a long lasting first impression in meeting and social gatherings
  • Overall developed personality for impactful new start.

Total Hours: 30 hours

Investment: 1,00,000 INR

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