Phenomenal English idioms and phrases related to “Mind”


Make up your mind

Make a decision

“No one will be able to persuade him to buy new home as he has made up his mind”.

Change your mind

Change a decision that you previously made

“Dude, you are not supposed to change your mind at this stage of the competition, consequences can be grave”.

Lose your mind

To become mentally ill

After the break-up with his girlfriend, he is gradually losing his mind.


Take your mind off something

To forget about something unpleasant for a short time

Dancing really helps me take my mind off the troubles I am currently facing at the workplace.

Have a lot on your mind

To have many things to worry about; to be preoccupied

I’m sorry that I’m so cranky today. I have a lot on my mind these days, I can’t even catch a break.


Take a load off your mind

relieves or eliminates your worries

He was really glad to hear the good news. Now he can take a load off his mind and focus on the studies.


Give someone a piece of your mind

Rebuke someone

“Some rowdy teenagers were making a nuisance at the mall and she went out to give them a piece of her mind.”


Blow your mind

To surprise immensely 

There were many action pieces in the movie Inception that completely blew my mind.


Never mind

Forget about it, don’t worry about it, it doesn’t matter

Never mind the troubles I had to go through in last few years, the future looks very promising.


Out of your mind

To become crazy or act irrational

Are you out of your mind? There is no need to buy such an expensive gift for your colleague.


Slip your mind

Forget something

The name of the actress slipped my mind and I was not able to answer the quiz question.


Speak your mind

To say exactly what you think

She never hesitated about speaking her mind while talking to friends or strangers.


Be bored out of mind

Extremely bored

After doing the job he didn’t even like for three years, he was bored out of mind and made up his mind to start his own business.


To my mind

In my opinion

To my mind, watching movies till late night without getting proper rest, it’s a ridiculous thing to do.

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