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  1. Abide by: To follow any decision or rule

Example: We should abide by the law and order.

  1. Bump into: To meet a known person unexpectedly.

Example: Last evening, I bumped into my old English teacher in the market.

  1. Call off: To cancel

Example: We called off the trip due to bad weather.

  1. Count on: To trust or to depend on (for help)

Example: I always count on my brother whenever I need some help.

  1. Pass out: To faint/become unconscious

Example: She passed out due to weakness.

  1. Pass away: To die

Example: The old man passed away last night

  1. Kick-off: To begin/start

Example: The cricket match kicked off at 2:00

  1. Let down: To disappoint

Example: I feel so let down because they promised me a puppy but all I got was a doll.

  1. Magic away: Make something disappear quickly

Example: He magicked the bill away before I could see it.

  1. Add up: To make sense

Example: Your excuses never add up to me.



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