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Prepositions are those words that tell us the relationship or the relative positioning between a noun/pronoun and another noun, pronoun or adjective.

The dog jumped on the chair. (Linking noun with verb)

They took Ram to the hospital. (Linking noun with noun)

I am jealous of you. (Linking adjective with noun)

The examples above seem very simple and straightforward, but when we have to use prepositions in longer sentences in fluent speech, even native speakers can face problems. People who speak English as a second language, need to pay particular attention to this blog since these words don’t really have a direct translation from their native languages to the English language.

Prepositions enable us to give an accurate description, location or position of an object in relation to another object or thing. They also tell us the direction of movement of a thing, and its relation to a time frame.

Prepositions are of many kinds, and if we can understand why and where they are used, we would never face any issues with prepositions again.




















In: Used to give the general idea of the location you are in, based on the listener’s frame of reference. It would be unwise to tell a person who is unaware of your specific area, a very local area. For example, if the listener is not familiar with Delhi, it would be unwise to tell them to come to Rajouri Garden. West Delhi would be a better way to explain your general area.


Pep Talk India is located in West Delhi. (For someone unfamiliar with Delhi)

Pep Talk India is located in Rajouri Garden. (For someone familiar with Delhi)

On:  This preposition is used with street, road, and avenue names.

Question: Where is your office located in Gurgaon?

Answer: My office is on the Golf Course Road. Tell me when you reach Gurgaon, I’ll let you know the exact address.

At: Used to give the exact address, house number or the building name. It is very specific and should only be used with accurate addresses.

Example: Pep Talk India is located at A-3, 2nd and 3rd floor, Rajouri Garden.









If you can understand the essence of why a certain preposition is used, you can rest assured, these pesky little words will become the least of your problems. For a better understanding, practical application and expert guidance, visit Pep Talk India today! Revolution is here!

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