Privacy Policy

Pep Talk india takes the Privacy of all personal information submitted on this site and at our Institute very seriously. Normally we collect information while users submit an appointment form or contact form on the website or when candidates visit our English Speaking Institute to inquire/register for a course. assures you that such information is NOT shared with any third party under any circumstances. We take the privacy and safety of personal information as a priority.

Cookies Policy and Tracking Technologies

We have a very limited use of cookies as we do not have customized browsing or user login for users. It’s a purely informative website and sign-ins are not required.
However, we use third-party tools and scripts like Google Analytics/ Adwords / Online Chat code etc. So we abide by the privacy policies of these companies as well. You may choose to disable cookies or delete cookies while using our website and it should not interfere with website user-experience in most cases.

Apart from cookies, we may also track IP address to detect and prevent fraud. When your IP is tracked it can reveal your approximate region that is provided by your ISP (internet service provider).

Data Security and Protection

We do our best to protect data collected on the website from misuse by malicious entities. We also destroy data periodically when they are no longer relevant. We may either keep them as hard copies or offline soft copies when deleted from our servers.
However, we cannot guarantee 100% protection against high-level hacking attacks or data theft at hosting level. We use trusted hosting providers

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