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Get the complete English solutions bundle – speaking, writing, conversation, and vocabulary – at 25%

Books Included:

  1. Everyday English in 50 days
  2. Become Habitually Successful
  3. Super Human Skills
  4. Everyday Idioms Made Easy!
  5. Writing 101


Discover the secrets of leading a productive and fruitful life by imbibing success as a habit with ‘Become
Habitually Successful’
How to order at a Starbucks? How to ask for directions at the airport? How to converse in different
situations and talk with various people? Master the art of English conversation with ‘Everyday English in
50 days’!
Learn the art of giving a public speech by traversing the journey of historical English speeches by
celebrated figures with ‘Become Speaker in 10 days’. Deconstruct and analyze the elements that make
up a powerful speech and start speaking confidently in as few as 10 days!
Enrich your vocabulary and craft beautifully-written sentences through idiomatic usage with ‘Everyday
Idioms Made Easy’.
Does English writing seem like a herculean task for you? Start from the scratch with the nitty-gritties of
grammar to more advanced rules governing the proper use of English in the written form. Follow this
book diligently and start writing better English in just over a fortnight.

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  1. Atul Kumar (verified owner)

    Great collection

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