Business and Money Course


In this ultimate Personality Development workshop learn how to embrace and enhance true power in your personality to lead a happy and successful life.

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Course Highlights

Course Content

This course focuses on an individual’s personal growth in terms of confidence, knowledge, leadership, public speaking, ideas, personal grooming, stage presence and entrepreneurial skills. The virtual workshop would help you unlock the true power in your brand.


What you will learn

  • Develop powerful personality
  • Learn the art to create impressive first impressions
  • Remove shyness, create connection and build confidence
  • Enhanced verbal ability and vocal power
  • >  Effective Speech delivery to lead your brand
  • Understand and improve your decision making in business
  • Improve your business with leadership skills
  • Understand and acquire Psychology of Success
  • Learn the art of brand-management
  • Learn to represent and present your brand
  • Acquire modern entrepreneurial skills
  • >  Develop and leverage your business acumen 
  • Learn money skills and investing skills
  • Financial management for a successful business


Course Format 


CLASS SCHEDULE –  2 Days a Week 

CLASS DURATION –  90 Minutes


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