Business Communication


With this unique Business Communication learn digital mantras of ultimate success in professional field and understand and build your own communication strengths and skills.

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Course Content

This course enables you to perform better at every sort of communication (small talk, meeting, negotiation, writing report, etc ) at the workplace. It is compact in nature hence saves a lot of time and energy of working professionals as well as newcomers in the corporate world.


  • Verbal Communication with non-verbal cues
  • Deal with real-world business talk with appropriate phrases
  • Vocabulary for basic communication at workplace
  • Interview English along with words needed
  • How to sound professional during Presentation
  • How to formally speak in a meeting
  • Effective participation in group communication
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership and managing talk
  • Negotiation for salary or work-related other negotiations
  • Communication for Employment – Application Letter, Resume, Follow-ups
  • Writing effective memos, emails, report

What you will learn- 

  • To deal with effective English communicator
  • Listen and interpret through the professionally structured talk
  • Speak and impress your superior with business phrases and words
  • Impress interviewers with effective formally structured English
  • Deal with promotional meeting
  • Lead a team with better interpersonal skills

Course Format 

Course Duration – 1 Month  |  Class Duration – 90 Minutes  |  Class Schedule – 3 Days a Week

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