Core Public Speaking


This Virtual Public Speaking workshop has been designed to enhance your overall digital communication and public speaking skills to stay relevant in this virtually interconnected world.

Course Fee


Course Highlights

Course Content

Learn the art of Virtual Public Speaking in a new way with all together novel tools and techniques. This course has been designed keeping in mind contemporary trends in communications taking place across different digital platforms.


What you will learn

  • 3 Pillars of Public Speaking
  • Learn the art of Story-telling
  • >  Deliver Pep Talk and speeches
  • Learn to deal with your fear on stage
  • Create a great impression on stage with amazing opening
  • >  Increase self-confidence
  • Deal with shyness and nervousness
  • Get rid of Public Speaking fear
  • Master Public Speaking on a bigger platform
  • Deliver motivational talk
  • Speak in the way people listens to
  • >  Body Language and voice modulation (non-verbal communication)


Course Format 

COURSE DURATION1 Month Core Training + 1 Month Additional Group Practice Sessions

CLASS SCHEDULE – Core Training – 2 Days a Week | Group Practice – 2 Days a Week



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