Personality Engineering Course


This intensive one-to-one tailored made course enables you to be a better version of yourself and brings out the best in your inner and outer personality.

Course Fee


Course Highlights


  • One-to-one sessions with Masterminds of Pep Talk
  • Enhance verbal ability and vocal power
  • Learn to make wise & witty conversations
  • Develop phenomenal Presentation Skills
  • Become a Master Presenter
  • Become an influential storyteller
  • Podium-ready communication skills
  • Acquire Psychology of Success
  • Holistic Personality Development for brave new start
  • Manage and nurture your people or team
  • Develop better self-awareness and social-awareness
  • Outstanding Outfits for all occasions
  • First Impression Skills
  • Super negotiation skills
  • Meeting etiquette and beyond
  • Master body language for every occasion
  • Step up, speak and shine like a Pro
  • Build self-confidence for real freedom in life
  • Art of Diplomacy in talk
  • Improve Dress Sense to drive real success



  • >  COURSE DURATION:  30 Hours (Sessions with Masterminds)
  • >  CLASS SCHEDULE:   Customised Sessions (Weekends/Weekdays)
  • >  CLASS DURATION:  2-3 Hours


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