Writing Art


Writing skill is an art that tells enough about the person who writes. This virtual workshop will help you learn how to write like a Pro.

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Course Content

Writing an email sounds like a typical daily chore for professionals working in a business environment but what they often forget is the value they send in every mail and miscommunication they cause. This course is destined to help budding writers to regular writer sharpen and enhance their quality and impact of their writings.

What you will learn

  • Errors identification in language
  • Use of English Grammar in daily writing practice
  • Business writing pro tips
  • Syntax and punctuation
  • How to write quick and effective email
  • Creative writing practical guide
  • Usage of Business Phrases
  • Formal and informal writing vocabulary and etiquette


Course Format 

Course Duration – 1 Month  |  Class Duration – 2 Hours  |  Class Schedule – 2 Days a Week

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