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Public Speaking Mastery Workshop

Present like a
Leader in just 2 days
of Public Speaking
Mastery Workshop

A premium training workshop to help you master
exclusive tools and techniques of speaking & presenting in public.
A premium training workshop to help you master exclusive tools and techniques of speaking & presenting in public.

Public Speaking Mastery Workshop

can be pivotal in the success journey of your Career, Business, and Relationship.

All the successful people have 1 advantage over others….

They all Present their stories, ideas, and opinion with great confidence.

And only if you could get this one advantage over others,

You can join the tribe of Successful, Wealthy, and Fulfilled people of the planet.


Super Human Skills

This is 2 Full days of the intensely engaging training program which works on 4 Cannon of Modern Rhetorics finely curated by Pep Talk India's Coaches over more than a decade on-ground Experience to help be become Confident, Charismatic and Effective Speaker .

khushi singh

Strategic Communication

Effective communication is the art of making an impact with strategically chosen words in the workplace and in everyday life. Master the art of strategic communication with the Seven Communication Fundamentals that engage any audience.

Business Story Telling

Storytelling is the most powerful persuasion tool. Despite the fact that humans have been using it for thousands of years for personal and business development, it is difficult to execute in public for millions of people. Our six stages of story telling are the ultimate solutions for persuading storytelling.

High Impact Presentation

Using various presentation methods and tools to shine and thrive in a career or business is critical for career advancement. Our high-impact presentation tools and practises are the answer to visible leadership and compounding career growth.

Personal Mindset Development

Confidence is a state of mind that cannot be taught by a set of rules; yet, managing anxiety and the fear of speaking in front of a group can only be accomplished by developing a strong attitude and self image.

10am-6 pm
Saturday- Sunday

Workshop details

Rs. 19,999

Public Speaking- Rocky Sagoo

What does it help you achieve?

  • It helps you achieve freedom from fear of Speaking, Presenting and expressing your ideas, pitch, and opinion to your peers, colleagues, clients, customers, and decision-makers.
  • It helps you tap on your hidden potential to lead with visibility at work.
  • It helps you find your voice of influence by becoming a master communicator in life.
  • It helps you discover your unique style of presentation in content delivery, facilitation, and coaching in any domain of work. 

Process Of The Workshop



pep talk india feedback sessions

There is a fine communicator within all of us but the fear of judgement and our preconceived notions about us and the world cripples us from being the best version of ourselves. As soon as your pre-conceived ideas are challenged, unlearning begins shaping you to think of new possibilities. This phase allows the participants to know more about their potency and participate to explore their fear of speaking in public.




Our 14+ years of training experience and expertise in the Public Speaking domain have helped us create the pedagogies that work for everyone. we believe "One training idea works for all is a myth", that is why training in our workshop is based on personality types- which makes this workshop not just effective but transformational for everyone.



pep talk india public speaking activities

This phase is about pushing your boundaries! Strategies of powerful communication, prop presentation methods, data Story-telling, and newly discovered confidence and enthusiasm, all come to action. You get to expose your competencies and explore your own pubic speaking style.



pep talk india gyan sabha

This phase of the workshop is about recognise your bias and showcase your confident self to the world by taking our public speaking challenge. To make this workshop a guiding force in your journey of public speaking, we help you create your transformation maintanence framework.

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Public Speaking Book

Pep Talk's Original Public Speaking Book includes best Public Speaking Training.

Public Speaking Practice Game

Get the only Public Speaking Game in the world Created after a decade of Public Speaking experience.

Facebook Closed Group Access

The Mentees of this workshop can be a part of the Pep Talk India's Public Speaking Exclusive Community.

Personal Mentorship

Avail the opportunity to Personally interact with the coach Prior to workshop.

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How this transformational journey work for them...

Meet Your Mentors

rocky saggoo


An internationally certified public speaking and image enhancement coach, Rocky Saggoo is the co-founder and CEO of Pep Talk India.


An international public speaking coach, image consultant and personality development trainer, Khushi Singh is the COO and thinking-head of Pep Talk India.

Start your journey of successful speaking like 40,000 others did….

Master public speaking to present confidently!

Successful facilitation of training is a blend of clear communication, story line preparation, and energetic presentation. Public Speaking Mastery caters all these 3 aspect of successful training delivery developed after 14+ years of extensive training experience.

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